the usual blah blah blahs of my usual days.
yeah. suck it bitches!

yeah. suck it bitches!

CAT/ROTC days are always unforgettable

CAT/ROTC days are always unforgettable

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Warning: This post is (again) a photo vomit. But this time, it’s a mayjah photo vomit!

May 21-22 at Tagaytay. Went out camping with friends. ‘Twas supposed to be a beach outing somewhere in Laiya, Batangas but we couldn’t find a place to stay since most of the resorts were fully booked at the…

That moment when you hear your favorite song, turn to your friend, then sing it dramatically.




1 Million Views? Yeah right.

“Pessimists say they’re just being realistic but hope is real and dreams can be made real.” - Jireh Espinosa

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kanina kausap ko si daddy. okay naman ang chat, yung usual na kupalan, joke time, happy happy. nung magoout na sya, bigla ba namang nag-emote…napa-emote tuloy ako. hahaha. here’s the screencap.

i may always make fun of you, talk back at you, but that’s just me being sweet. i never sent you an email and sometimes i don’t respond to your fb messages (and pokes!). but that doesn’t mean i never miss you. i may not be that expressive, pero mahal na mahal ko kayo. and when i think of how far we are from each other [daddy doinks-kuwait (province), mommy boink-kuwait (city, or is it the other way around? gosh i don’t even know!), nikulengleng-taft, miguel bugel-san pablo (in one month’s time he’ll be staying at espana), jajabonggi-elbi], i cant help but breakdown and cry. of course you didn’t know that! i don’t want you to know that tiny bit of crap because i think it makes me weak. it’s-just-so-not-me! and you know it. 

anyway, i hate you for bringing out this side of me. HAHAHA. sa dami ng ipapamana mo sa kin, bakit pag-eemote pa. hahaha. jologs!

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